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profitably spent here. i want to acknowledge and thank my sister, carol and my brother-in-law, marty, for traveling here from connecticut for this. and i want to thank tina dunkley and their family for coming. tina has come in from atlanta. they are the descendents of one of the leaders of the largest single escape of slaves from a virginia plantation during the war of 1812. and since it is monticello we begin with thomas jefferson and his words here. and this is a quote that comes from a letter he wrote in response to edward cole, his former secretary. he wrote this letter, and as you can see, august 25, 1814, which is a low point to the united states and its war against the british empire, the war we call the war in 1812 but a war which lasted in to 1815. now, those of you who know about the occupation and the partial burning of washington will recognize that august 25 was right after the british had occupied washington and while the buildings were burning. jefferson was writing this letter from monticello so he didn't know yet about that but he knew the war was going very badly fo
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1